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Collaboration workflow

Technical Support
First of all, the potential collaborator provides request for Enzyme Directed Evolution. The R&D department will assess the project feasibility; if the project is technically feasible, both parties will have further discussion on the collaboration.
Enzyme screening, Enzyme directed evolution, Enzyme production through fermentation, Enzyme-catalytic process optimizing & up-scaling.
Post Support
Upon commercialization of the technology, we will continue to provide technical support to the project.


We evalute the projects scientifically and make full use of resourses of each party, to accomplish a win-win success with partners.

Enzymaster is your close partner by sharing risks and profits

Enzyme Panel Screening

We have a rich collection of enzyme panels, such as ketoredductases,transaminases, hydrolases, oxidases, lyases tec. Through panel screening, we evaluate the performance and commercial potential of promising enzyme candidates, and identify a suitable starting enzyme for furher development with our proposal on further R&D (if needed)

Enzyme Directed Evolution

Through our BioEngineTM platform technology, the activity, selectivity, and stability of the enzyme can be improved through numerous cycles of evolution, and ultimately obtain a final enzyme suited for the desire commercialized application.

Enzyme Preparation by Fermentation

By estalishment of high-yielding, stable and reliable fermentation processes, our technology enables the preparation and production of enzymes at scale.

Enzyme Catalytic Process Development

Through comprehensive consideration of process parameters and enzyme properties, we develop and optimize efficient, safe, reliable and productive biocatalytic and downstream processes for large-scale commercial production.

Types of Reactions

酮还原反应/kred Reduction

烯酮还原反应/Enoate Reduction

亚胺还原反应/Imine Reduction



醇氧化反应/Alcohol Oxidation

醛氧化反应/Aldehyde Oxidation


酯水解反应/Ester Hydrolysis

腈水解反应/Nitrile Hydrolysis

醚水解反应/Ether Hydrolysis

酰胺水解/Amide Hydrolysis

卤水解/Halogen Hydrolysis



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